Sawston Vs Colchester Vets

Match Report

Sawston v Colchester Vets

7th October 2017


Unfortunately our original fixture against West Norfolk was cancelled due to them cancelling at the last minute.Happily at the very last minute Colchester agreed to a fixture.So first and foremost a big thanks to them who unusually these days bought a genuine Vets team over.

Unbelievably Sawston had more people at training  than actually turned up for the game.Yep,we were short ! and Colchester done us another favour and listed us a prop..

It was also the VP,s dinners (which I forgot about) so trying to make up for letting the VP,s dragged Robin away from the dinner and drove him back to his house to get his kit,we needed him.Jarvo was also offering to play full back to make up the numbers but no need we were off and running.

Sawston started well with a Kevin Jarvis starting in another new position as Hooker in fact so well Kevin scored a try from a few yards out brilliant start.

5-0 to Sawston

Robin,with a stomach full of sausage and mash ,Red wine and other stuff managed to avoid throwing it all up and also ran over a try which was converted by Ollie.

12-0 Sawston.

Before half time Howard who was also playing in a new position (second row) ran in Howard try running through a number of players.

Half Time 17-0 Sawston.

For the second half Colchester swapped over their prop they loaned us with a lovely chap call Doggan all 70 years of him.

Sawston continued to stay on top but were failing to make the most of their procession.There were promising signs,Kevin J was having a stormer ,the back row were showing signs of really clicking with Sean,Robin and Toby B C.

Colchester scored a comeback try which they thoroughly deserved but they were not surprisingly tiring a little. As a result Sean scored and was again converted by Ollie

24-5 Sawston.

Tom G rapped things up with  storming try and converted easily again by Ollie making the final score 31-5 to Sawston.

Kevin Jarvis was man of the match and thoroughly deserved it was a cracking game by KJ.

Massive thanks to Colchester who in time honoured fashion joined us in the Bars.All agreed that we must arrange a fixture at Colchester good bunch of blokes.


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