Sawston Vs Ely 04/11

Match Report

Sawston v Ely

4th November 2017


I will start with the final result, if that’s makes sense. We lost 40 odd points to 7. However that does not present a clear picture, because for significant parts of the game, certainly in the first half anyway, we were by far the better team . Although Ely scored first, from then on, all the play was in the Ely half.

Sawston were putting together some plays and showing continuity and this payed off with a try from Stu ‘The Axe’ Farley and converted by Mark.

7 – 5 to Sawston

Ely had some pacy youthful players but their runs were being stopped or slowed down by the Sawston centres, the two T’s Taz and Toby. Ably covered by Ben who made his usual big hits and Howard also made some great crunches. Theo, Stu ‘The Axe’ Farley and Robin had some storming runs and creating problems for Ely.

I guess we could have made more of our dominance in the first half but Ely did enough to spoil good ball getting out to the backs.

Half Time

I did say youthful Ely team didn’t I because that was a factor in the second half. In fairness we also had some injuries which made a difference. Stu eventually came off after being dazed (right decision).Toby’s back went again and was carried off and Ben whilst chasing down an Ely player (he was never going to catch) suffered a Hamstring tear and also came off the field, but not before he absolutely smashed  the Ely number 15 ,who was to say the least very irritating with a gobby nature and a wandering elbow.

Ely in fairness overrun us in the second half and the score ended 40 something  points to 7.

They were good sports who played the game in good spirit and thanks to them for coming back to the Bar

I do want to take this opportunity to make a couple of points.

1/ We played really well for 40 mins, so if we can do that we can play well for 60 mins and then 80 mins .We just need to carry on what we are doing in Training and hopefully have some luck in getting injured played players back playing again soon.

2/ Whilst carrying Ben off the field .  Ben did make a comment that I had my hand down the crack of his arse. I want to formally refute any such allegation of this sort of abuse ,shocking and I’m not even an MP.

PS It wasn’t my hand!!

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